architectural and graphic design

by Whitney Ford

Graphic Design

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Why Does My Business Need a Logo?

When you think of McDonalds the first thing that comes to your mind is the golden archs...their logo. Ok, well maybe you think about how fattening their food is first, but you get the idea. Every quality established business has a brand logo which identifies them apart from their competitors. In this economy you need to be able to stand out from the crowd. A quality logo design can make the difference.


"I worked with Whitney on several architectural design and production projects at Carrell Poole & Yost architecture. I found her to be a talented, hardworking and dependable on all projects we were involved with. I quickly found that I could rely on her jugment and designing and producing skills and I had to supervise her little to obtain excellent results. Whitney is not only a talented intern architect, but is also an excellent graphic artist as well. I found her writing skills to be invaluable on a project that required we create a design manual for a client and without her generous contribution, we could not have satisfied the client. I cannot recommend Whitney highly enough and she will be an asset to any organization with which she chooses to associate." - Jon Wardell, AIA